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A deep sense of satisfaction filled me with the launch of my website, more so, I feel a sense of gratitude towards all my mentors, peers & well-wishers whom I wish to thank. It is my deep gratitude & humbleness that I wish to express my indebtedness to my reverend teachers & guides.

First of all Let me Thank Mr. NARIMAN. M. SHAKEEBAI of ARYANOUSH KENNEL for his sagacious guidance, encouragement & also inculcating in me a quest for excellence, humility, honesty & a high sense of professionalism. Above all his inspirational support has provided just the right impetus for carrying out my work. My Hero since childhood, who is a living legend.  

I would be failing in my duties if I do not thank Ms. AISHWARYA SINGH as without her support & constant encouragement this website would have been incomplete. My Father & Mother from whom I get unlimited support, love & most of all for strong genetics to stand & face any kind of problem. I am indebted to my whole family,my friends & my breeder friends - Mrs.Brenda Yaden McWhorter, Mrs.Marylin Reidy Balikowski, Mrs. Connie McIntire Okorn, Mrs. Kimberly Bettinghouse, Mrs. Sylvia Weijers, Mr. Art Shook, Mr. Georgi Aleksandrov, Mr. Velibor Miki Gavric, Dr.Ravi T, Mr. Sunny Dhaliwal , Mr. Rahul Chandra, Mr.Ballu Bhat, Mr.Damanveer Singh, I would like to thank them all for their  24 X 7 encouragement and support. Last but not the least Specially Honurable Judge Mr. Mukul Vaid & Mr.C. V Sudarshan for their constant, priceless and imaculate guidance.

Best Regards,
Mr.Siddhaant Trivedi


We are a hobby kennel located at heart of central India- "Bhopal" the beautiful city of lakes, culture & traditions also famous for its great non veg food .We are a family of zealots who have been and are passionate about dogs. Our labor of love for Saint Bernards and French Mastiff aka Dogue de Bordeaux directed us to work for their furtherance. Our love for dogs directed us to work for the betterment of their breeds. We aim for professional results in breeding and showing our dogs. We have always taken this endaevor as our passion to breed the exquisite of dogs for show or loving pet homes. Our intention is to contribute towards prosperity of the breed by promoting higher breeding archetype.

Dogs are a passion for us, but they are definitely not how we make our living as few people misunderstand by seeing us surrounded by our pets all the time. We keep all our dogs at our home not in a kennel; this may be one of the reasons. You see our biggest problem is that we cannot treat dogs like DOGS, we adore our dogs, surround them with lots of love, spoil them a lot and cannot imagine to be without them .When not obsessing over our pets, We are a doctor family but I run a Speciality Food Caterig & Wedding Planning company.

We have always been known to have rare, exotic or not so common breeds, earlier we had breeds such as Afghan Hounds, Cockers, Basset Hounds, Blue Danes etc. Most of them won their championship tittles. We personaly rarely get time to show our dogs but Our bred pups Show winnings are Evident & Appreciated by many Saint Bernard & Dogue de Bordeaux enthusiasts & Judges.

We are the first ones to home breed French Mastiffs and Saint Bernard’s in Madhya Pradesh state. We give our heart & soul in breeding these best friends of man. Our dog’s victories are representations of our love and care for them. They keep us motivated to breed excellent quality dogs. Worshipping the rule of breeding one female only once a year (instead of breeding her at every heat) and at most 4-5 times  we are able to maintain health of our female and pups and avoid consequences of haphazard breeding. This also allows us to meet the high KCI standards of breeding.

Maintaining such high standards are exceptionally demanding, as it requires extreme hard work & dedication. Occasionally we have puppies of show and pet quality available to approved homes. Please keep in mind that we do not part from our puppies until they are 45 days plus. By then we deworm them religiously and give them the shot of Puppy Dp on 30th day and the first shot of 10 in 1vaccine on 42nd day. Visit our Puppies available page for updates. We are more concerned about where are we placing our pups than the money, so we expect our dogs to be placed at the most loving & best possible homes. If you think yours can be one of those caring home then we request you to call us and talk in detail , which will help us know you better. It will also make us understand your demands and we’ll be able to line you up accordingly at our waiting list.

We have tried sharing our knowledge & experiences and summed them up with information available from various sources by compiling them in articles about that particular breed in our breed information page, so if you don’t know much about our breeds , you know where to look into. For more information and advice you are welcome to contact us at any hour through email ( siddhaant@hotmail.com), you can also call us directly on our cell ( +91-91656-99954). Preferred calling time is 11am – 6pm I.S.T .

Best Regards,
Siddhaant Trivedi

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