BEFORE YOU BUY A PUP - Improtant tips to know before you buy a pup of any breed !

So you are interested in buying a puppy but before you buy, please print this page and carefully screen your breeder (as carefully as they will be screening you).  A poorly bred puppy will cost you big bucks in vet bills down the road.  Be very careful before you buy!

1) If you are looking for a Saint or Frenchiep uppy, please be very careful.  The Beethoven movies and TV commercials are producing many backyard breeders and puppy mills.

2) Buy from a reputable breeder that takes genetics into consideration to breed the healthiest puppy possible. There are many people who are nothing but simply brokers and petshop owners who sell puppies just to make a quick profit, some even go to the extent of copying pictures of other breeder dogs and show to people claiming that they belong to them and they are breeders and have pups. Beware of such people .

3) Make sure you visit the breeders place , see the parents , do not be fooled when they say that they just have the pup but not the mother or father, If this happens then they are just brokers nothing else, no matter what they say. Sum in our city only , studing college ,also work as kennel boys in other people kennel and sell pups on commision claiming that that pup is their breeding. All this for few quick bucks and you think that your getting a puppy for a cheap price but eventualy think what you get ???.

4) Inquire to your breeder about any known epileptic dogs in your puppies background. We personaly have faced this problem when we were collecting our breeding stock. A very well known person from North India who breeds and imports saints gave us a epileptic puppy. The worst part is we had to return our puppy called "FAITH" to him. We got soo much attached to him it broke our hearts as we dont find us strong enough to deal with a epileptic giant size dog for the next 8-10 year.

5) NEVER EVER EVER buy any animal at a Fake pet store, in the mall or on impulse.You will only land up with a compromising pup, always buy from genuine breeder. Establish a good working relationship with a reputable breeder and then stick with the breeder.

6) Try to find a puppy from a breeder that actively shows. That breeder is trying to prove that his/her dogs meet the standard required for the dog. Also read your standard and know what it is. A good dog also has a good pedigree . Ask to see generated pedigree by KCI for both the sire and the dam and make sure its original not a fake, Ask for the number of Kennel Club Of India so that you can verify the Papers.

7) Genetic temperament is important!  A good dog can be ruined but a bad dog will never be good! hence its extremly necessary to check out the mother and father before you buy,

8) All Saint Bernard puppies are cute, but not necessarily healthy, A poorly bred Saint puppy can cost you up to INR 20'000 in unnecessary veterinary bills. Also realize that an KCI registration is just that… a registration.  It does NOT mean that you have a healthy dog or that it meets the Saint Bernard Standard. Sometimes its not even a purebred dog.  It just means that someone said that they bred two dogs together.  It is not a health guarantee. If possible get the puppy checked by your vet before buying or make sure your breeders vet has examined had has given a Positive health certificate for your pup before you buy.

9) Do not buy a puppy under 8 weeks of age. Genuine breeders will not let their puppies go before 8 weeks. A puppy is most vulnerable to diseases such as Distemper and Parvo between 6 to 8 weeks of age when their maternal antibodies begin to break down . They should also have had 2 wormings prior to these shots so that a worm infestation will not interfere with the shots. Most puppies that die from Parvo are wormy . Parvo is the biggest killer of young puppies and one of the easiest to spread. A "born in the USA" virus it was spread world wide within a year.

10) Never buy a pup from a breeder with two prices , one with papers and one without. Papers cost INR 300 per puppy for an entire litter, so why the difference in price? Buy only KCI registered purebreds

11) A Reputable breeder will be able to show you letters and pictures from satisfied clients. Their puppies will be well socialized, clean., properly vaccinated and they will not try to push their puppies on you just to get rid of them.



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