Know about our pup placement program THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PAGE OF OUR WEBSITE. kindly READ IT carefully !

We have bred our dogs with consideration for temperament, health and conformation to the standard for the breed. When we place a dog with the new owner our first concern is that the dog will be properly cared for with nutritious food, clean water, access to shade at all times, veterinarian care including immunizations, along with personal attention and training.

Because temperaments are hereditary, Dvijatman breeds only sweet-tempered dogs and raise our puppies with tender loving care within our family.

Pricing , Breeding Norms & Documentation

Our puppies are priced as per their quality and potential. This is determined by the breeding stock behind them; the temperament, health, longevity, body balance, proportions and performance. We want every puppy or adult we place to be what the new owner expects. Puppies are evaluated between 7 & 8 weeks and are based on the total quality of the puppy, not on markings or sex. All our puppies are healthy and free of any genetic disorder which makes them suitable for the purpose they were purchased. No pup leaves before he or she is 60 ( 8 weeks ) days old.All puppies leave our facility with:

* Two sets of vaccinations (Puppy Dp + 8in 1)
* Wormed thrice
* Record of vaccinations & wormings
* Four-generation pedigree
* K.C.I. Reg papers and chip (Depends if KCI sends us papers & chip within that time)

1* Once sold we do not take the pup back as it is very hard to know what infection or virus he might have caught in the place you must have kept him.

2* Advance Token or Complete deposit for booking a pup is nonrefundable, whereas the deposit can be easily adjusted in the next litter of any breed which we breed. So, we seriously recommend that you make a stern and final decision before placing a deposit and booking a Pup. This is just a filter to reduce fake and uncertain inquiries.

3* Complete payment or Booking deposit will be totally dissolved if you do not pick up your pup / Make the rest of the payment within 30 Days


Frequently Asked Questions about the conditions and placement program.


Q1) What are the differences between family companions and show dogs?

A1) There is only one Tiger Woods, only one Jackie Chan, and one Michael Jordan. In the dog show world, it is all about competition and pursuit of perfection. The actual differences between a family companion and a show dog are very minor. Examples would be ears 10% too large or too small, body 5-10 % in or out proportion , Movement variations from 5-10 %.These things are very minor to a common mans eye, but this makes a huge difference in a show ring and breeding.

Q2) Why are puppies priced differently?

A2) We are primarily a show kennel and our main objective is to produce the very best show dogs possible. Every litter has a variation in marking patterns, coat lengths, gender, and size. All these variables combine to make the puppies more or less desirable in the eyes of the potential buyer.The closer a puppy comes to perfection, (according to the St. Bernard Standard), the rarer that puppy is and the more it will cost.

Q3) Can a family that wants a family companion purchase a show dog, even if they have no intention of showing or breeding?

A3) Yes, we can offer a show potential puppy for the show price. Our priority is a loving home for our bred puppies, It us who are responsible for them to come into this world.So the first thing we see and want from our client is a loving home , if they also want to show or breed ethically then its like a cheery on the cake !



Shipping / Transporting

For Shipping we demand a time period of maximum 2 weeks, as you never know when will you get the reservations in train or in airplane. Its a seasonal problem so you must keep this in mind. Whereas we try our best to ship as soon as we get the chance. Shipping is done on actual cost depending on the distance and mode of shipment. Average cost of shipping by an airplane inculding crate can be INR 7000. Average cost of shipping by train can be anywhere between INR 4000-5000. This also inculeds the ticket, fee , food and mobile expenses of the handler. But we preffer if the owner comes and picks up the puppy himself as by doing this we can educate him in a better way of treating and looking after the pet.

From May 2011 We have made a slight change in Shipping around 400 Kms of Bhopal. If you live within 400 Kms of Bhopal, The Shipping wil be done strictly by Road in Summers or Holiday Season. The charge would be as actual Fuel,Car Fee, Handler and Driver Charge,Toll Tax etc. Which may be anywhere around INR 5000-6000 if you are more than 300Kms away. or less than INR 4000 if you are more than 200 Kms away. We have made this rule as its very difficult and problematic to ship a pup in summers or holiday season due to lack of Reservations in Train.

Rearing Suggestions

Instead of forcing the growth of a puppy with extra puppy food, steroids, over feeding of nonveg we recommend feeding a good quality pet food mixed with 50 % home made food by the time the puppy is about 24 weeks of age. NEVER over supplement, or keep your puppy overweight. A balanced multi vitamin daily along with 250 mg of vitamin C Twice a day strikeris plenty. As dogs manufacture their own vitamin C to help absorb the nutrition from their food but in a fast growing breed.Keep your puppy on the lean side, but not skinny. An overweight puppy raised on a hard, slick surface where he is unable to get proper traction has a greater chance to develop hip dysplasia, along with other structural problems. A puppy raised indoors simply fails to get enough exercise to develop sound muscles. So it becomes very important that if you take a saint pup then after 3 months you must take it for short walks and give me a mild play, we repeat SHORT WALKS AND MILD PLAY till 6 months of age,after that you can increase it as per growth but remember saints do not need exercise like labradors or german shephered. A frenchie is happy to play inside the house and can be easily maintined on that amount of exercise itslef.

Early Training

Dogs in the wild are trained by their mothers from birth until they are 6 months of age and then they are on their own. So it is never to early to start training your new puppy, but heavy training must start only after 3n half months of age. Although all our dogs have gentle dispositions, any dog can become overly aggressive if improperly reared. Misbehavior must be corrected immediately! tNever allow or encourage growling and overly protective behavior. We recommend obedience training and a lot of outside socialization from early on. Dog's are of a packing nature, so just remember YOU must be the top dog. Just remember the effort you put into your puppy for the first year of it's life you will reap for the rest of its life.

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