Dvijatmans Honey Bonty aka Buddy UNBEATEN GOAN Champion !
12th June 2014
We are extremely thankful to Mr.Suraj Caculo , the owner of Buddy in GOA for giving him the best home and constantly working on him to make him a top show dog, He has been beating every other Saint Bernard from any other Indian Kennel in the ring since 2012. He has also won Best Goan Exhibit many times. Thank you Mr Caculo Once again.

Our Bred French Bulldog goes to Rio De Janeiro !
26th March 2013
Dvijatmans Temptation reloaded aka Brutus was taken by the Pitassi Family of Rio. I am thankfull to Gabreil and Nicoli for giving Brutus his forever home and loving him like a baby. Hes the First & Only French Bulldog from India to Travel all the way to Brazil. He made us proud , we will keep trying to produce the best frenchies possible , this is a fantastic breed.

Pups Available & Clients Page Updated !
15TH JUNE 2014
Its Been a long time since our website was not updated, but now its is and the pups available Page has been updated also . Check out the Pups pics and also new testimonials from our clients.


Befor you buy a pup

Are you planning to get your first Saint or Frenchie,There are some very important things you must know before picking up one. Read this page very carefully. A poorly bred Saint puppy can cost you anywhere from INR 15 '000 -20'000 in unnecessary veterinary bills. Aways buy a pup from a reputable breeder that takes genetics into consideration to breed the healthiest puppy possible.Pups from them might me expensive but they are worth it. CLICK HERE

our clients

We upload the details , pictures and testimonial from as many clients as possible. Pictured her is our home bred Litter A Saint Pup called Dvijatmans Deff Leppard aka Leo. He is now 14 months old and is living happily in a city called Sagar in MadhyaPradesh. He loves to run and get dirty by rolling in mud. To go to our clients page CLICK HERE

Latest Videos

Uploaded on April 14th, 2011. Litter - B. Ferry's Pups were born on 17th Feb 2011. Just 1 Boy and 1 Girl. 10 Kg Body weight today.

Uploaded on March 6th, 2011. Litter - B. Ferry's Pups were born on 17th Feb 2011. Just 1 Boy and 1 Girl.we expect them to haf real long legs, good head massive lips and great stop.

Uploaded on March 5th, 2011.This is CH. Quatermaster Insiminore. Call Name " Ethun" he has best saint bloodlines from around the world such as OPDYKE, BERNEGARDEN, COURAMEYUR .Hes owned by Mr . Gupta, we have used him on our female Raeny



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