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Ch. Dvijatman's Honey Bonty . Call name Buddy. In GOA with Mr. Suraj Caculo.

Dear Siddhaant,

I wish to thank you for providing me a ‘Champion’ quality ‘Saint Bernard’ which is been proved by his winnings in Dog shows in Goa.. MULTIPLE CC’s & BOB’s , Best Goan Exhibit and already certified by KCI as a ‘CHAMPION’ dog.

When I was surfing the net for a Saint Bernard, I came across a lot of kennels but found ‘Dvijatman Kennel’ to be most promising as the webpage was well designed and very informative. When I first spoke to you, I realized that I was speaking with a true dog lover who owns a kennel and had the passion and love for producing great dogs and was not doing a mere formality. I was impressed and thought of finalizing the puppy, the only brown-legged saint that I have seen, which I found to be very cute. Today I have had ‘buddy’(Saint Bernard) with me for a little over one and a half year. He is a perfect companion which my wife and children were looking for. We are so glad to have him as one of our family members.

When I heard from you recently about a English Mastiff which you were suggesting, I decided for him immediately as I always wanted one but above all I had the confidence in you that you would deliver to my expectations. I received the puppy yesterday and am thrilled to see him as I am sure that he is going to be a champion as well...

Thank you Siddhaant for living up to your clients expectations. I would highly recommend your kennel to one and all as trustworthy.. Best wishes…

Suraj M. Caculo



Dvijatman's Google. Call name Roger. In Pune with Mr. Oswal
D.O.B: 1st April 2011.

Getting a dog is not an easy task. I personally believe in choosing the right breed and the right breeder to ensure a good bloodline and a good temperament. A lot of people feel that ONLY if you want to show the dogs, you should invest in a good bloodline. I completely DISAGREE with this. In fact, if you want a dog to live like a part of the family, you have to invest more time in choosing a breed which suits your requirement. This is just step 1. More important is to choose a breeder who is not just commercial. The kennel should be aware of all the if's and but's of the breed and should have a good bloodline to ensure good quality litter.

After BOOZO, my Chinese Shar-Pie, I was contemplating on a St. Bernard. All factors of the breed were fitting into my requirement but I still had a lot of doubts on the adaptability (to the climate and the family) of the breed. While surfing to the net, I came across, Mr.Siddhaant Trivedi. On our first conversation I realized, he is a professional breeder who has a passion for St. Bernards. He answered all my questions to satisfaction. He sent me enough details to reach to a decision. His service and patience are admirable. Finally we have a new family member, ROGER. I thank him for his support and would suggest anyone looking for St. Bernards, to give him a call before freezing on the breeder.
Mr. Oswal.


Dvijatman's White Knigth. Call name Mozart. In Goa with Mrs. Sinha
D.O.B: 1st April 2011.

Mozart has brought a lot of joy in my life.A beautifully bred puppy by Dvijatman Kennel . I am now sure he will grow up into a lovely ,affectionate dog. Thank you so much Mr. Trivedi. .
Mrs Sinha.

Mozzy above, all clipped sitting on the sofa serious discussion over some peanuts and scotch.

Dvijatman's Sonya Blade. Call name FENNY. From Litter B in Gurgaon with Mr. Parikshit Pranesh
D.O.B: 17th Feb 2011.
Fenny Around 100 days old with 19 kg weight

I wanted a dog my whole life and we found out about Dvijatman Kennel through internet. The moment we visited Siddhaant’s web site (DvijatmanKennel.com) my wife fell in love with Fenny. Though she was afraid of dogs all her life, looking at the puppy she was convinced to visit Dvijaman Kennel and now she is one who plays with fenny more than I do ! We visited Siddhaant in April 2011 to see the puppies, and based on the temperament of the dogs he breeds, we chose our dog at that very moment. In addition, Siddhaant advised us on proper care products and even picked some up for us.

Siddhaant has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. This was our first dog purchase and he very patiently answered all of our questions and has continued to provide us with great advice even after getting our puppy, Fenny. 

We have had a fabulous experience adopting our dog from Dvijatmans Kennel and we give them our highest recommendation.
Tanya & Parikshith.

Fenny 2 years old, sleeping on the sofa with her grandfather.

Dvijatman Deff Leppard. Call name LEO. From Litter A in Sagar M.P with Mr. VikramAditya Jain
D.O.B: 26th Jan 2010. Height : 33 Inches and 85 Kg Weight
Leo Around 55 days old with 8 kg weight

Siddhaant Sir and my friendship started when i picked up Leo from his kennel. This was my first Saint Bernard, I was looking for breeder from long time who is genuinely breeding dogs , I researched a bit and found out about him, I was very impressed when I saw his dogs live and decided the very moment that I want a pick of the litter pup for myself, I got the complete guidance from him from day 1 how to raise my boy Leo in the best possible way, and the result can be seen in his recent pics of 14 months. We share a Common Passion for dogs and today we are helping each other in giving our 100 % to improve the breed standard of Saints in India. We seriously recommend Dvijatman to every one who wants the best of this royal and noble breed. Mr. Vikram Aditya Jain



Dvijatman Black Scotch. Call name WHISKY. with Mr. Yash Shrivastav in Jabalpur / Pune
Height : 30 Inches and 65 Kg Weight
Mr. Yash Shirvastav pictured here with Leo when he came to get whisky mated to him

I’m a Boxer and Doberman Breeder from past 8 years and have made many champions, Im really proud to Have Dvijatmans Black Scotch Whisky with me, She has a very rare Dark Color which seems almost black and dark brown. Mr Siddhaant Trivedi the owner of Dvijatman Kennel is a very supporting person, he also promotes his clients who are breeders. We hope that in future we will have more of Dvijatman Saints and Bulldogs. Mr. Yash Shrivastav


Dvijatmans Fruity Girl. Call name FRUITY. From Litter A in CALCUTTA with Mr. SABYASACHI ROY CHOWDHURY ...Pics of fruity coming soon

We are very thankful to Mr. Siddhaant Trivedi of Dvijatman Kennel for giving us this magnificent French Bulldog female pup. He’s undoubtly the best and most promotive breeder of frenchies in India. We also think that if properly promoted than Frenchies can reach a new height in India and gain much popularity like usa. We must also not forget to mention that we were amazed to see the quality and condition of the puppy we took from him; she was so healthy, active and shinning like a star. We hope and wish him the best of luck in future. We are always there with you Siddhaant , you are young but your knowledge about dogs and french bulldogs is impressive , keep the faith and continue the hard worked you have a long way to go. Mr. Sabyasachi Roy Chowdhury




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